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  • Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

FIFA on Monday said that it stands against the newly founded European Super League and football’s governing bodies


Apr 20, 2021
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FIFA on Monday said that it stands against the newly founded European Super League and football’s governing bodies have to impose sanctions on this project.

“Against this background, FIFA can only express its disapproval to a ‘closed European breakaway league’ outside of the international football structures and not respecting the aforementioned principles,” FIFA said in a statement.

It stated that the game’s governing bodies should “employ all lawful, sporting and diplomatic means to ensure this remains the case” as FIFA said that the world football’s governing body has been promoting solidarity and integrity in football.

FIFA added that it calls all the parties to have “constructive” dialogue to secure the unity and spirit of the game.

Many big clubs in Europe such as AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur said in a joint statement on Sunday that they launched a new initiative, the European Super League.

In addition, another three teams are expected to join.

Meanwhile, Spain’s Barcelona said in a statement that the clubs, who will participate in the annual Super League, will go on to play in their national leagues each.

In a joint statement, UEFA, European football’s governing body, and three of major European leagues, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A, along with their federations, warned over the “so-called Super League” and said they would stick together and take all measures “to stop this cynical project.”

The new mid-week competition means that the 12 European clubs plus three others wish to play in the Super League that they govern rather than the UEFA competitions, the top-tier Champions League and second-tier Europa League.

Following their joint decision, these clubs are now having a dispute with the UEFA and FIFA.

European Super League format

In Barcelona’s statement, the 15 founding clubs will play in the Super League regularly as they are the founders of the competition.

But the total number of the participants will be 20 as a further five clubs will qualify for this contest based on their achievements in their local leagues in the prior season.

Similar to Champions League fixtures, the Super League matches will be held midweek.

The tournament starts in August as 20 teams in two groups of 10 will play home and away matches.

The best three clubs in each group will qualify for the quarterfinals. The fourth and fifth clubs in the groups will play a two-legged playoff for the last eight berth.

Quarterfinals and semifinals will be held by a two-leg knockout format, which means home and away matches.

The Super League final will be played in a single fixture as usual at the end of May and will be held on neutral ground.

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