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Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Hon. Given Lubinda says the 2021-2026 PF manifesto


Apr 25, 2021

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Hon. Given Lubinda says the 2021-2026 PF manifesto is an all inclusive document that has input from various stakeholders across the country.

Hon. Lubinda who is chairman the PF manifesto committee explained that his committee had consulted various stakeholders such as the Church, trade unions, business associations, professional associations, academia, sportsmen and women among others before coming up with a final document.

He charged that the 2021-2026 PF manifesto therefore carries not only the thinking of the PF party but desires and aspirations of the general citizenry.

“This document does not only carry the thinking of the Patriotic Front but carries the collective wisdom of the many citizens that we consulted, Hon. Lubinda said.

Speaking when members of the PF manifesto committee featured on the PF Interactive Forum today, Hon. Lubinda said his committee had a daunting task of ensuring that as a party that has been in power for 10 years, analysed where the country was from 2011 and what has been achieved to date.

Hon. Lubinda who is also outgoing Kabwata Member of Parliament said unlike other political party manifestos, the PF manifesto is not fictitious but based of facts.
“So when we say from 2011 we built a bridge, is it verifiable? The answer is yes because it is there to see,” he said.

He stated that whatever has been outlined in the PF manifesto is a well thought out idea which has a basis and is believable.

Hon Lubinda has since charged that the next five years will be very exciting for the PF and the Zambian people as everything that has been outlined in the manifesto is very achievable based on the party’s experience in government.

Meanwhile, Hon Lubinda says the PF government will ensure that every Zambian participates in the development of the country and will do this by listening to everyone regardless of their political affiliations.

“We will commit ourselves to political pluralism, for the next five years we will not be bothered which political chiteme you are wearing; for as long as you are a Zambian we will listen to you,” Hon Lubinda stated.

He further said the PF government will also be committed to decentralization to easy the implementation of government programs across the country.

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