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May 5, 2021

I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH MUBITA NAWA BEING ARRESTED BUT FIRST LET KAKOMA KANGANJA ARREST ALL THOSE PF CADRES INSULTING HH WHILE BURNING UPND REGALIAS ELSE MUBITA NAWA IS GOING NOWHERE IF SIN HAS NO LESSER EVIL THEN LUNGU AND HH ARE BOTH PRESIDENTS SO THE LAW MUST NOT BE SELECTIVE-MAKAYI.Definition of insults are expressions of anger, negative emotions or the last way to express anguish, negative stress, feelings or emotions or reactions with the view of fighting back. Others would insult as a way of expressing themselves towards a particular unfair provocation etc.

When Defamation law was passed in Zambia against the president especially it had one target in mind and that is to cause or prevent the public from unpalatable language or reactions to the seating head of state of the moment.The matter is criminal under our current laws and perpetrators can go in not more than 5 years. But the law is silent on who’s exception do insults apply and do not apply. I don’t know how other countries judicial systems and their say on defamation of the president but in Africa it’s the oldest weapon mainly to cage the oppressed people. It’s easy to say don’t insult the president but in Zambia for instance no one had courage enough to mold especially the current president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu with a behavior that is presidential and that does not attract insults. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu directly or indirectly has to a large degree caused his office and persona to be insulted in the manner that the offender are mostly met by the arm of law and goes in. The president todate has never taken responsibility to learn a simple psychological approach of preventing insults so that even if hardcore offenders are found wanting the state would use great base of excuse to make sure that the offenders are not just punished but the message is sent to the public to prevent the who would be offenders to avoid that. Alas or unfortunately in the Zambian context presidential insults is more of a fight back or reactions to a cause such as unfair treatment or extreme provocations. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu being the head of state has done literally nothing to stop or prevent the vice from occurring if anything he is to blame for negligence because as a president and head of state the constitution empowers him with so much powers and authority to put the house in order but he has chosen to be so fierce to seem as if he cares only when it involves the UPND members. As a scientist my career is mainly anchored on practice and illustrations today if one wants to know whether the president Lungu cares or not the only way he gets attracted to arouse a fierce reaction or command is when his party members are victims he would come guns blazing reminding people of the big stick he carries. One day while in detention at Kabwata police station a certain OP agent came to check on me and mockingly looked at me and said Makayi when you hear he says he has a big stick you should learn to listen see your life, I called him to come near so that I whisper something to him he came and I said “FUCK YOU” and went back to seat in my cell. He looked at me with an anguish face as I looked back with a smile putting on a red UPND barret and hood. He had no words and left looking at me like he is about to swallow me I looked back with an eye contact and I could read his pupil light coding on the center of his eyes saying “Wanya chikala walamona” and I looked back staring at him silently saying “Bring it on”. But hey ask me what I did in the first place to deserve such a treatment and threats from the OP people that are supposed to help and protect me? The crime I proudly committed and will never apologize for it was questioning the Inspector General of police Mr Kakoma Kanganja why his PF cadres are at liberty moving with guns in public even standing next to police officers with short buttons while PF cadres stands parallel with police with guns publicly in a combat military like attires with reference to photos of Chingola PF cadres that had pictures gone viral wether Zambian security personnel had a new department of friendly forces in PF cadres. This was made huge when two weeks later a UPND member by names Lawrence Banda was shot dead 4 times by PF cadres in Kaoma during a by election. I swear I went ballistic on the IG wether UPND is free to purchase arms as well because PF and UPND are both civil political parties thence if PF cadres are at liberty to display guns in public then what stops UPND and whether or not the IG was going to be okay with it. I was arrested for it and taken for intense interrogations where I maintained my stance that the IG was an incompetent and reckless man capable of throwing Zambia into all out war with a public warning that should my family be victims of political violence nothing will stop me from launching deadly revenge beyond politics. I was charged with defamation of the president case and I called it stupid charge because president Lungu and Mr Kakoma Kanganja are not related, neither are they cousins or one and questioning the work ethics of the IG can not be a crime called presidential defamation and if it was I was so excited to face the IG or president Lungu himself in court alas 21 days later I was released with no case. This is Zambia and this is what has happened to our country where laws have been so compromised and the presidential persona exposed to insults. I have given you a clue now my motive of writing this article today is in connection with the trending headlines of wether or not Mubita Nawa should be arrested by the police for conjucting a person captured on camera insulting president Lungu. Crime is crime yes I have no problem with Nawa being arrested but I have a big issue with the police leaving PF cadres to do literally anything and get away with it. I would be very happy if the police traced and arrested those PF cadres captured on the video insulting the UPND president heavily while burning the UPND regalias. If that doesn’t interest the office of the Inspector General of police Mr Kakoma Kanganja then he would have some heavy explanations to do should Mubita Nawa be arrested because if others are doing it with impunity yet to others it’s a crime then civil disobedience is on the way and currently doing some PRESS ups law and justice should be applied equally.On several occasions PF as a party have done nothing to help curb cyber sanity even when Cybersecurity law is in effect because the first offenders or highest offenders are PF before UPND so how the police executes orders to arrest only UPND members in the presence of overwhelming evidence of the same thing being done by PF cadres is interesting. We have said so many times that violence in Zambia is sponsored by the president in power who is Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. He sees PF cadres do alot of dirty things and he is quiet this agitate citizens who end up insulting him or reacting in a way that gets reactors before the law. The 2017 grave yard saga is one of the embarrassing example where the PF cadres attacked UPND mourners at the funeral injured people and damaged property the entire police in Zambia today under the leadership of Mr Kakoma Kanganja failed to even arrest a single PF cadre but where quick to arrest UPND members who are victims of the attack for reacting strongly. Zambian democratic reputation has been eroded by the conduct of the police to which it is becoming so dangerous to call for fair political space. UPND President Mr Hakainde Hichilema has exhibited 100% presidential leadership maturity of responsibility and control as a leader better than the Republican president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Some of us can fight day in and out, can insult from west to east but we are stopped and prevented yet PF cadres are never stopped by the their president Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu what type of a country is this? Issued by Edward Roy Makayi.

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