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The corrupt Electoral Commission of Zambia has been exposed by Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa


May 5, 2021

ECZ CAUGHT PANTS DOWN: CHANGES PRESIDENTIAL AFFIDAVIT FORM TO AID LUNGU’S THIRD TERM BIDBy James Mpundu The corrupt Electoral Commission of Zambia has been exposed by Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa. In order to mutilate the Zambian constitution,

ECZ secretly altered or changed the Presidential affidavit form which states in part and as enshrined in the Zambian constitution: “I, ….do solemnly swear that I have not held office or been sworn in twice as Zambia’s President”.In his latest legal challenge, Sangwa even says that when he held a meeting with ECZ top officials and questioned them if they had changed the affidavit form,

they declined stating that they had not but earlier they made public a form which they had manipulated. According to the Zambian constitution, anyone sworn in twice or held Presidential office, does not qualify to run for office a third time or term.But ECZ is now seemingly aiding the PF leader in trying to commit treason.With these legal battles and in order to redeem themselves,

the Zambian courts including ECZ must ensure that the Zambian constitution is upheld.Lungu at one point misled his bunch of Ministers who illegally remained in office that they were rightfully so in office but the court later ruled that this was against the Zambian constitution. PF must start looking for Lungu’s replacement or hit a snag.

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