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May 18, 2021

PF LUSAKA PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE WELCOMES THE NOMINATION OF PROFF NKANDU LUO AS PRESIDENTIAL RUNNING MATE…… AS IT CALLS FOR RESPECT AND APPLAUDS OUT GOING VICE PRESIDENT INONGE WINA FOR HER GOOD LEADERSHIP.PROFESSOR LUO DESERVES TO BE PRESIDENT LUNGU’S RUNNING MATEAllow me to express our heartfelt thanks as the PF in Lusaka to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who has continued to inspire us with his style of progressive leadership through the manner he is promoting nobel women and giving them the highest degree of respect by appointing them to top positions of leadership.

We are also grateful and proud of the outgoing Vice-President, her honour Madame Inonge Mutukwa Wina who has been a great inspiration to the nation, especially women and girls that indeed a woman in this country can occupy any office without the impediments of gender inequalities that have been significantly fought by the PF Government and enabled our mothers to serve the country at any position of leadership. Vice-President Inonge Wina is a definition of true loyalty and Patriotism. As the PF, we will cherish and celebrate her. Long live to our mother. Now coming to the chosen successor, Professor Nkandu Luo, again we want to thank President Edgar Lungu for choosing a tough, powerful, influential and academically highly educated woman who has inspired this country for many years in various positions of political leadership and in her specialised field of medicine and microbiology sciences.This is uhe exact leadership and Vice-President level that the country needs. President Lungu being a highly qualified lawyer, well educated, deserves the support of a strong woman in Professor Nkandu Luo to deputise him. Professor Luo is a very experienced politician and member of parliament who has been in the political space for a long time. She understands this political landscape of this country and her commitment to duty is unmatched. Her passion to see Zambia develop is undoubted as evidenced through her personal culture of hardwork and pantuality on matters of national interest.Those that have worked closely with Professor Luo will testify that she has put service above self and does not compromise when it comes to work.

This is a woman of great blues and strong principles that attract great admiration. Her influence in the academic and political world is unmatched and goes beyond the boarders of Zambia. We are confident that through her connections to the world she will promote and empower many women when she becomes Vice-President after August 12 this year. The country will also benefit immensely from this great decision President Lungu made of picking her as a running mate. We respect and take pride as the PF in Professor Luo because she is not a pus over and does not tolerate mungulu type of leadership at any level. These value propelled her to achieve alot in life even in the field of academic achievement to PHD level. This country has a lot to learn from such nobel women. It is the only way to the achievement of great success. It is through mindset change. One cannot afford to deceive Professor Luo because she demands facts and figures on the ground. She does not do things to please and individual but does everything in the best interest of the people and the nation. As a party we are very disappointed with some excited petty opposition leaders and their cadres who have taken to social media to mock our mother in what is tantamount to cyber bullying. We expect ZICTA and ghe relevant authorities to take keen interest in what is happening on social media and bring law breakers to book. Leadership is not a beauty contest that we must begin to compare the physical appearances of our mothers. That uncultured behaviour is very disappointing and must be stopped. Our tradition and culture teaches us that all women are our mothers and must be respected. Moreover, we are proud of our mothers because we are all made in the image and likeness of the God Almighty as the Bible teaches us. We demand for respect and we urge all Zambians, our party structures and indeed the entire leadership to rally behind the ruling PF, President Edgar Lungu and the running mate, our mother Professor Nkandu Luo.


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