• Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

Three political party leaders have successfully filed in their nominations to contest the 2021 presidency in August this year


May 18, 2021

Three political party leaders have successfully filed in their nominations to contest the 2021 presidency in August this year.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Corporate Affairs Manager PATRICIA LUHANGA says the PF presidential candidate EDGAR LUNGU, PEP leader SEAN TEMBO and Third Liberation Movement Leader ENOCK TONGA alongside their running mates filed on their nominations success


Ms. LUHANGA however says PAC leader ANDYFORD BANDA and UNIP leader TREVOR MWAMBA were not available to file their nominations due to their programming but will be accommodated to do so.

She said this shortly after the conclusion of the filling of presidential nominations slated for today in Lusaka.

Ms. LUHANGA further said that the New Heritage party leader CHISHALA KATEKA, Economic Freedom Fighters leader KASONDE MWENDA, National Restoration Party leader STEVEN NYIRENDA, Zambia United for Sustainable Development’s LAZROUS CHISELA and All People’s Con
ress party leader NASON MSONI are expected to file in their nominations tomorrow.

And responding to questions raised by journalists following concerns raised by the political parties that have filed in nominations on lack of information, Ms. LUHANGA said the commission engaged political parties on the process ahead of filling in their no
inations and will continue to do so.

And speaking shortly after filing in his nomination after over three hours because he did not have all documents, Third Liberation Movement leader ENOCK TONGA has urged Zambians to remain united and support his party ahead of the presidential election.

Mr. TONGA who alongside his running mate BRIGHT CHOMBA said once elected, he will ensure that Zambians are given what belongs to them and also enact a non bailable law that will enhance the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile Patriots for Economic Progress Leader SEAN TEMBO who expressed confidence of scooping the 2021 general election said his party has in the last 4 years marketed itself to the Zambian people.

Mr. TEMBO said the party has in the last four years held government accountable and shown its capacity to provide an alternative government to the people of Zambia.

He also called on ECZ to make clear the requirements for filing of nominations to avoid lapses in the process as witnessed by some candidates who were made to file in late due to lack of proper information.

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