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A woman who confronted a driver doing burnouts near a playground in Canberra’s south has been hospitalised after the hoon ran her down with their car


May 21, 2021

A woman who confronted a driver doing burnouts near a playground in Canberra’s south has been hospitalised after the hoon ran her down with their car.

Key points:

  • It is alleged the driver ran the woman over with their car, leaving her with leg injuries
  • The four-wheel drive was described as dark green or blue with blue-tinted headlights, possibly with a NSW numberplate
  • Police are warning Canberrans not to confront dangerous drivers

ACT police said the woman approached a four-wheel drive that was doing burnouts at Theodore oval, in Tuggeranong, about 6:00pm on Tuesday.

It is alleged the driver then deliberately hit the woman with the car and drove off, leaving her with leg injuries.

The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The driver has not been caught.

Police warn against confrontation

Two Holden Commodores seized by ACT police after a weekend of burnouts of other dangerous driving in Canberra earlier this year.(Supplied: ACT Policing

ACT Policing’s Donna Hofmeier cautioned Canberrans against confronting dangerous drivers.

“We do want Canberrans to report dangerous driving when they see it. We don’t want anyone to get hurt in the process,” Ms Hofmeier said.

“Get as much information as you can, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the registration, the colour, and any other distinguishing features. If you can get a video, that can be helpful too.

The four-wheel drive has been described as dark green or blue with blue-tinted headlights and possibly carrying a NSW numberplate.

Police said anyone with dashcam footage of the vehicle leaving the area should contact police.

A towtruck laden with a Holden ute, which ACT police seized after a weekend of burnouts and other dangerous driving in Canberra in January this year.(Supplied: ACT Policing


Dangerous driving under the microscope

Motorists caught speeding on Canberra roads could soon be stripped of their licences and have their cars impounded under laws being considered in the ACT.

The new laws have the backing of the Australian Federal Police Association and would target drivers caught going 45 kilometres per hour or more over the limit.

ACT Police Minister Mick Gentleman said he was in discussions with ACT Policing about changing the laws.

New laws under consideration in the ACT would see motorists caught driving 45 kilometers an hour or more over the limit lose their licences.(Supplied: ACT Policing


Earlier this year, a group of car enthusiasts allegedly attacked ACT police officers as they were investigating heavy drinking and dangerous driving across Canberra.

Several police cars were surrounded and a beer bottle was thrown through the back window of one of the vehicles during one confrontation.

ACT and New South Wales police have launched an investigation into the incidents.

A policeman was injured at the same spot in Sutton last year, where motorists pelted officers with rocks and bottles as they arrived to stop the burnouts.

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