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IT’S wrong and too dangerous for the President to sign an order for prisoners in the country to take two weeks leave to visit their families


May 30, 2021

IT’S wrong and too dangerous for the President to sign an order for prisoners in the country to take two weeks leave to visit their families, says Bishop Simon Chihana.

Bishop Chihana, the president of the International Fellowship for Christian Churches (IFCC), warned that some of the prisoners are extremely dangerous criminals.

He said although some of the prisoners are circumstantial and good citizens, he wondered what guarantee there is that such shall willingly go back to the prisons when the ‘vacation’ is over.

“How safe shall the general public be and how sure are they that they shall even vote during the elections? This has never happened before anywhere in the world and it must be avoided at all costs. Did our security chiefs advise the President do to so or it is his personal decision?” Bishop Chihana asked.

And Bishop Chihana said it was wrong for the President to issue an order that there should be no public political rallies because of the Coronavirus when it is well known that Zambia stands out on top as the safest zone and destiny from the effects of the COVID-19.

He said the two important decisions made by President Lungu this week on the prisoners and banning of political rallies instead pose a security risk to the country.

“Why should the President use such a weapon to try and disadvantage the opposition parties? Again I ask, did security service chiefs give such advice to the President or he decided by himself? The bottom line of these two major decisions made by the President is that this is when we have made a security risk for our country, in that dangerous criminals may harm innocent people around the country and a spirit of political violence and unrest shall be mushrooming in the country,” he said.

Bishop Chihana urged President Lungu to rescind his decisions in the interest of peace, democracy, good governance and fairness for all.

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