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Vice President Inonge Wina says politicians have a duty to ensure the country maintains its peaceful credentials as Zambians head to the polls on August 12,this year


May 31, 2021


Vice President Inonge Wina says politicians have a duty to ensure the country maintains its peaceful credentials as Zambians head to the polls on August 12,this year.

Mr. Wina says Zambia is well known in the world as peaceful and democratic country that holds free and fair elections.

The Vice President said this upon arrival at Chipata airport today where she has presented Professor Nkandu Luo as President Edgar Lungu’s running mate in the general election.

And Mrs. Wina called on opposition political parties not to seek short term political glory at the expense of people’s health by holding mass public rallies.

Mrs. Wina said the opposition must emulate the PF and traditional leaders who have suspended the holding of traditional ceremonies in light of Covid-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile Mrs. Wina thanked the two paramount chiefs in Eastern province, Gawa Undi and Mpezeni for going flat out to ensure the province is a major food basket for the country.

She said the two traditional leaders have been instrumental in ensuring that the province produces enough food for itself and the country.

Mrs. Wina also lauded the people of Eastern province for remaining loyal to the ruling PF.

And President Lungu’s running mate Professor Luo encouraged the people of Eastern province to turn out in numbers and vote for the ruling party.

Professor Luo said the Eastern province is a stronghold of the PF and should continue to be so.

Eastern province PF Campaign Coordinator Vincent Mwale said the people in the province will once again back the ruling party in the general election.

And former Kanchibiya MP Martin Malama urged the electorate in the region to overwhelmingly back the PF in the August 12 polls.

Meanwhile, former UPND Namwala MP Moono Lubezhi said when people like her and others who have been loyal to leave the opposition it is a sign that President Lungu and Professor Luo will sail through in the August 12 polls.

And former Mpika MP Sylvia Chalikosa called on PF grassroot structures to work with all the adopted PF candidates for the upcoming election.

At the same occasion former Mandevu MP Jean Kapata said the political mood has shifted and people in the once opposition strongholds are ready to vote for the PF.

Mrs. Wina is in the province to President Professor Luo to chiefs and will tomorrow meet the clergy and inspect some developmental projects before heading back to Lusaka later in the day.

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