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More than a dozen Indonesian McDonald’s outlets have been temporarily shut over COVID-19 fears in the wake of a new meal named after a popular K-pop group


Jun 10, 2021


More than a dozen Indonesian McDonald’s outlets have been temporarily shut over COVID-19 fears in the wake of a new meal named after a popular K-pop group sparking a buying frenzy.

Key points:

  • Indonesia is one of the hardest-hit nations in Asia
  • Jakarta and several other cities have closed at least 13 McDonald’s outlets
  • The meal that sparked the buying frenzy is named after BTS, a popular Korean boy band

Jakarta and several other cities have slapped closure stickers on at least 13 McDonald’s outlets that have been hit with a deluge of online food delivery drivers picking up a meal named after hugely popular Korean boy band BTS.

The meal includes two special sauces picked by the group’s members.

“We temporarily closed four of six McDonald’s stores here in Semarang for a couple of days,” Fajar Purwoto, Jakarta’s public order agency head, said.

Some have been selling the BTS meal packaging online for hundreds of dollars.

The BTS meal became available in Indonesia on Wednesday but it has been on offer in dozens of countries since May.

Indonesia is one of the Asian nations hardest hit by COVID-19.


K-pop band BTS are global superstars with millions of fans around the world.

McDonald’s Indonesia associate director of communication Sutji Lantyka said the meals would be available until next month so fans did not need to rush.

“The temporary closure is to avoid crowds in the drive-throughs and queues for delivery purchases. We apologise for the inconvenience,” she said.

Jakarta deputy governor Ahmad Riza Patria said outlets could be fined for breaching health protocols.

“The fine is 50 million rupiah [$4,500],” Mr Patria said.


Tasya Mutiara Ramlan, the admin of a BTS fan account on Twitter, missed out on one of the meals.

Tasya Mutiara Ramlan, admin of a BTS fan account on Twitter that has more than 260,000 followers, said she knew the group was popular in Indonesia but the reaction to the McDonald’s meals surprised even her.

She said some fans had been saving up to buy the meals.

Ms Ramlan said that when she saw the long queues she decided to wait to purchase hers, but the next day the stores were closed.

“I think it’s a fair decision in the pandemic situation, especially because I saw some of the drivers not wearing masks, not doing social distancing,” she said.

She added that she didn’t like seeing people re-sell the meal packaging on the internet for inflated prices and thought fans should buy songs or merchandise instead.


The McDonald’s BTS meal in Indonesia includes special packaging and two sauces picked by members of the group.

Cherryline Novelia Bastian, a BTS fan since 2016, was one of the lucky ones who got a meal before the restaurants were shut down.

She ordered it via an app as soon as they were available.

When the driver saw the long queues, he asked her whether she wanted to cancel the order but she said she was fine with waiting.

She received nine McNuggets, chips, a Coca Cola and the two kinds of sauce picked by BTS members, Cajun and Sweet Chili.

“I gave him a tip because he had waited there for hours,” she said.

She also decided to keep the paper bag which has the BTS logo on it.

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